Xiaomi Mi8 Specifications Launch With 3D Face Recognition

Xiaomi Launch New SmartPhone Xiaomi Mi8 On His 8TH Anniversary, Xiaomi 8 as a very memorable product, Xiaomi mi8 Specifications will be equipped with 3D structure light face recognition function. In fact, a long time ago, there has been news, Xiaomi has fully developed 3D structure light face recognition technology and progress beyond the imagination of an of Kol.

It is rumored that Xiaomi has developed 3D structural light technology success, and the most promising products to carry the technology is the 8 anniversary of Xiaomi.

At the same time, the network also circulated is said to be Xiaomi 3D structure light bangs of the construction map, the figure also from the side to support the Xiaomi 8 3D structural light technology research and development success rumors, almost certainly this is an 8-anniversary edition of Black Science and Technology one.

It has also been rumored that Millet will release a mobile phone with a screen fingerprint technology in the middle of the year.

Before we suspected that the cell phone is Xiaomi 7, but today it seems likely to be Xiaomi 8. We speculate that Xiaomi 7 is still a more conventional product, such as the screen is no 3D structured light technology or the ordinary 18:9 screen, and no screen fingerprint technology, so retain the post fingerprint.


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