Smartisan Nut R1 Release Price Specifications

Smartisan NUT R1 conference Before that, the old man had blown countless cows, and nut R1 was a revolutionary product. Now, on the website of the Ministry of the web, the license for Nut R1 has appeared, and we have been able to see the ticket of the phone a few hours in advance. From the picture.

the overall shape of the nut R1 relatively founder, the basic continuation of the previous generations of product design style. However, the front of the phone darkness, see no details, naturally do not know its screen accounted for.

Of course, this may also from the side of the description of the nut R1 more in line with the Quenching screen aesthetics design requirements. On the back of the fuselage.

Nut R1 is the popular vertical double camera, the camera, flash and hammer logo layout is very similar to nut pro. The nut R1 has no fingerprint openings and is estimated to integrate the fingerprint function into the logo as the Smartisan NUT Pro 2.

However, from the side point of view of the photos, the nut R1 camera still has a bulge. In addition, the most eye-catching nut R1 should be the phone left raised the button.

At the moment, we do not know what it does, but in the light of what Mr. Lo said before, it should be closely linked to the revolutionary of the old Mr. Lo.

This protruding entity key looks similar to the crown on Apple Watch and should be rotated. On the Apple Watch, you can zoom in and out with the Rotate button, but it’s still rare on the phone.

But the basic certainty is that the key on the nut R1 should be linked to the new phone system of the hammer. Of course, these are just conjecture, the old Luo gourd, in the end, sell what medicine, still want to finish the press conference tonight to know.

Lao Luo’s rhetoric has been released, many people expect the hammer can really bring change to the world’s products, but there are many people are waiting to see his jokes.

The old man has been infinitely more than the user’s expectations, if the eventual failure to meet this expectation, the consequences will be disastrous. In addition, Ray technology will bring you the latest report on Nut R1 tonight, and if you’re interested, you might want to focus on us.

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