Oppo R15 Nebula Special Edition Launch

Oppo officially announced the Oppo R15 Nebula Special edition of the official announced the opening of the full pre-sale, May 21 morning officially opened.

The new Smartphone is still designed by Oppo combined color Master Karim Rashid, with a redesigned blue gift box and a customized version of JBL headset. According to official reports, the OPPO R15 Nebula Special edition of the back of the red and blue gradient, inspired by the Sagittarius three-leaf nebula.

The oppo R15 unique laminated streamer point color technology, which makes the metal frame and the glass back shell maintain a uniform red-blue gradient.

It is worth mentioning that, May 19, but also in order to match this new Mobile to adopt the brand-new release form. It looks like Oppo is going to be the red and blue gradient color with the music gene together, this and the previous Oppo play some different.

In previous years, the Oppo R series, a red-and-blue color, was a special product for Barcelona football club, and this time it was released as a summer fashion item.
Due to just the introduction of new color, the OPPO R15 Nebula Special Edition configuration should and OPPO R15 Normal version of the basic consistency, but whether it will cover the more high-end version of the Dream Mirror is temporarily not easy to say.

Oppo selected at this time, the introduction of red-blue gradient R15 Nebula Special Edition, may be on the one hand and R15 the first batch of colorless, and the market with the gradual color competition slightly low-key related, so timely adjustment strategy to meet the consumer’s aesthetic preference.

On the other hand, oppo the red and blue gradient is also the industry’s first, so there is a kind of dazzle, show the muscle components in the inside. Would you consider buying this unique oppo R15?

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